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Generosity is our Privilege because Jesus was first Generous to Us.

At AF, we believe embracing a lifestyle of generosity is a vital aspect of our faith journey with Jesus. Just as people are unique, so are to the expressions of generosity. In our community, we celebrate the many avenues of giving and serving. These include financial support, devoting time as a volunteer, or extending grace and mercy to others.

What's Your Next Step In Generosity?

When you realize everything you have is a gift from God, something changes. Jesus’ vision of an Acts 2 church becomes an ever-present reality. Needs are met, poverty is alleviated, injustice is fought, healing is found, and eternities are transformed through the power Christ and His Church. When you open your hands to give, not only does our church, community and city change, but you also change. What type of giver will you be?

Faith Builder
Faith Builder

Faith builders are people who start their giving journey with any financial gift to AF. This is first step for people to begin giving financially to AF and towards tithing.

House Builder
House Builder

House builders commit to regular tithing – giving the first 10 percent of their income to the church for our normal operating budget.

Kingdom Builder
Kingdom Builder

Kingdom Builders are a team of people committed to give above the tithe with a spirit of generosity, advancing the Kingdom of God through financial investment.